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The view of children in Gem


The child is a member of society, is the social and cultural participants, is the performer of the history , but also the the creator of the culture  , the child has the right to express their views, like adults, has unique rights of individuals.



Children are active learners, before entering the school they already have  some certain knowledge, experience, they have a unique way of learning.


The children have great potentials they do not just have  a simple demand, they are full of curiosity, creativity, with plasticity. They have strong learning, and exploration desire to understand the world around, they are in the interaction with the outside world .they actively construct their own knowledge and experience, they take the initiative to seek the understanding of the complex world.


Children are strong, they have the ability to play protagonist of self growth process, even though the children have  some differences from others .They are trying to find their   own position through dialogue , interaction and cooperation with  others so as to  find their similarities and differences from  others.


Children are born to be artists, they can use a variety of different symbolic language and other media to express their own understanding of the world.



Teachers’ Views of Education


The education goal is to create a harmonious environment, so that every child and teacher in this environment feel comfortable, pleasant and happy . Education is  not only in the pursuit of the superficial goals, but it has more emphasis on the inherent quality. Education should develop children's creativity.


For the teaching methods, Gem teachers are against traditional one-way teaching method. We are also  opposed that  the language is a shortcut to acquire knowledge. They think that education is for children to bring more possibilities to innovate and discover.Education lies in creating a learning situation for children, help children construct their own knowledge through the interaction with people、things in the situations.


Education should be focused on children. It is from the children's interest, needs and experience . Children has opportunities to participate  and express their views in the process of education and decision-making of  curriculum . But this does not mean absolute child centered, besides children, teachers and parents also play an important role in the education for children.


    Gem believes that in "teaching" and "learning" ,we should respect the latter, so in Gem  "teaching is decided by learning .


 "and holding the hands of children, rather than have them stand on their own two feet." in the exploration process of children, teachers should grasp the right opportunity, appropriate intervention,  help children to raise   questions.




Environment is the third teacher for children 


    In the past. Meng Zi’s mother, choose the  neighborhood." it reveals the importance of environment. From birth to elementary school, this period is extremely important for children’s  mental ans physical development . Children's language, sensory, movement, culture and sense of orders and habits, are all establishment and developed in the critical period. Gem’s mission is  to create more suitable  environment for their growth and provide more scientific, more professional guidance.to find  their interests and hobbies, to help them establish their international vision and thinking, while maintaining the unique Chinese culture and self-cultivation.


    If we say that parents are the children's first teacher, the school teacher is the second teacher, thene environment provided by Gem is the children's third teacher.



    Educational environment nearly without  science and technology


    Educational environment nearly without  science and technology

Gem preschool does  not have the computer class. The class is without cameras and TVS.We do not encourage  children to watch TV, do not promote learning computer in early year education. Of course,Computer needs to be  learned, but not in the period of early childhood. It should be put off to latter years for children, because although the technology brings to human being convenience, it also brings laziness and complacency for humans.


    We are looking forward  to enabling  children to obtain more balance through a variety of efforts ,or at least make them understand that using hand and brain makes a lot  fun , even science and technology are developed to top period, people still need to engage in a lot of very primitive, very ordinary activities.


Equal relationships

Gem is committed to create a happy, safe and full of caring learning environment. Gem respects every child and employee, all people are equal. Equality can let every child express freely and equally .Equality can help them  deal with the fast changing world confidently. Equality, can enable children to care and love their partners and the surrounding environment with a caring attitude.


Every  teacher is a life-long learner

The concept Gem  teachers hold is that  : no matter which country you are from, you should be a lifelong learner, and continue to expand your present knowledge, improve the ability. Every teacher should provide a enviroment which is focused on children's interests .  Let every child  develop their own expertise, stimulate their curiosity, imagination, thinking ability and creativity so that they can experience the fun of learning, and have the ability of independent learning.



Parents paly an important role in children’s education

Gem pay attention to the the participation of parents in the education that parents to participate in education is not only the right but also the responsibility. Gem actively promote interaction between families and preschool, to guarantee the education of integrity. By the Association between families and preschool, There is a regular schedule for parents and teachers to meet, let parents understand and participate in the teaching activities of Gem to provide a channel for the social teaching of young children.

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